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Monthly Archives: June 2015

What is Global Postural Re-education (GPR)?

Do you experience regular back pain? Lower back issues? Headaches? Sciatica? Is your posture causing you to suffer? GPR, or Global Postural Re-education Mézières Method, is a physiotherapy treatment that is designed to correct your posture by finding general imbalances in your musculature, including contracted or shrunken muscles, relaxing their tensions and restoring their physiological […]


Say no to paracetamol and yes to exercise!

Back pain, lower back pain, knee pain and osteoarthritis are common problems affecting millions of people each year. The solution – paracetamol? No, no and no! Paracetamol, usually prescribed by GPs to treat those conditions, is revealed to be neither effective nor safe. A study carried out by the University of Sydney, and published in […]