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What is Global Postural Re-education (GPR)?

global postural re-education

Do you experience regular back pain? Lower back issues? Headaches? Sciatica? Is your posture causing you to suffer?

GPR, or Global Postural Re-education Mézières Method, is a physiotherapy treatment that is designed to correct your posture by finding general imbalances in your musculature, including contracted or shrunken muscles, relaxing their tensions and restoring their physiological lengths.

GPR demands great precision, and requires from the therapist a rigorous and minute observation of the whole body in its most different adaptive behaviours.

It aims to facilitate the body’s homeostasis, which is the system’s capability of finding balance and repairing itself.

The goals of GPR treatments are to:

  • Uncover the causes of pain and treat them efficiently and durably
  • Relax muscle tension and restore lost balance, regaining harmony and flexibility
  • Retrieve initial length of shrunken muscles, in order to decompress and re-align joints

Our home physiotherapy treatment will involve:

  • Applying continuous and simultaneous traction and manually correct the body’s adaptations as much as possible
  • Placing the patient in global stretching postures (either sitting or lying supine), and maintaining these global postures for a prolonged time
  • Initiate active movements from the patient (guided by the therapist) in association with a specific breathing technique, to help correct the joints’ position and stretch the diaphragm

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